Thursday, November 21, 2013

Some old testi from the "friendsters" days

2010 Mar

Trying to port my old stuff over before friendster is dead. Although these sound corny now, they were the coolest back in 2005. God, it has been that long already.....


Ah Panda? Who would have forgotten about him? He is ambitious and goal oriented, perhaps. He sounds serious. But, he is one of my great friends, indeed. He does amazing things that we could never imagine. Things like unintentionally planted a wild mushroom near the toilet (Yeah, I love the pic. that he post around the Wake Forest). Oh, again, thanks for your help to set up our buddys b-day back in the days at Heritage House- the girl who gave our buddy a boxer. The moment we could never forget! ^_^

Biao (the best of all):

Unlike most random people I meet on Craigslist, Panda was not looking for "hot, steamy sex" nor was he "420-friendly". But we did bond over a 6 hour plus ride to LA, and also during days in his garage when he taught me how to keep the piece of crap I call my car from breaking down.

He's helpful to a fault and there are no lengths this man will not go (take that double negative!) to make sure you feel better about yourself and the world in general.

Panda has the most interesting stories to tell about people he has ferried to LA. And his mom makes awesome noodle soup too.